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Passionate about sustainably bettering the lives and futures of those in need.

We are dedicated to making a sustainable difference in the lives of disadvantaged communities. Through the generous donations of the public and our corporate partners, we strive to create lasting contributions and development opportunities.

Connecting Generosity,
Empowering Communities

At The Robin Hood Foundation, we strive to bridge the gap between generosity and those in need. We create a transparent and efficient platform that connects donors with deserving causes. Through rigorous vetting, strategic partnerships, and local insights, we ensure donations reach underprivileged communities and make a meaningful impact. With a focus on accountability and compassion, we empower individuals and businesses to create transformative change. Join us in our mission to uplift communities and empower lives.

About Us

The Robin Hood Foundation started informally in May 2005 when Cindy Norcott noticed she could clothe at least 10 underprivileged babies with just her own daughters’ outgrown baby clothes. Cindy decided to distribute bags of second-hand clothing and toiletries to needy new mums at St Mary’s Hospital.

Seeing the mums crying with joy and hearing horror stories of some newborn babies leaving hospital wrapped in newspaper, motivated Cindy and her team of volunteers to intensify their efforts and the “Love the Babies” project was born.

Within a few months, Cindy heard the plight of needy Gogos who had taken on their orphaned grandchildren, the team then started making up “Gogo Bags” to assist with feeding and caring for these children.

Due to the growing need from various poor communities and the willing support from donors, it was decided to form an NPO and in 2007, the Robin Hood Foundation was founded.

"Service to others is the rent you pay
for your room here on earth"


How you can help?

There are various ways for corporates and private individuals to get involved with our Foundation. 
Not only do your donations change lives but your time makes an even bigger difference.

With only one full-time employee, the essence of the Foundation are the women, men and children who volunteer their time, resources and energy. At every packing session and at each visit, we are always blessed with our community of “Vollies” who show up, bringing with them an abundance of fun, love and joy to all our events. They are the heart of our Foundation and give meaning and purpose to everything we do.

Your support is vital in our mission to empower communities and transform lives. Whether through your donation of pre-loved items, time, skills or financial contributions, every act of kindness makes a significant difference. We are grateful for your generosity and dedication to creating positive change. Together, let us continue to uplift and empower those in need, making a lasting impact on their lives. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a brighter future.

Our Projects


Child Headed Household

R1000 per month



R350 each


Love the Babies Bag

R500 each


Bless A Granny & Grandpa

R250 each


Non-perishable food items

For our Gogo bags


For Packing and Projects

We have fun!


Truck and

To transport goods to projects


Make sandwiches each week

For schools and homes


Beanies and blankets

For our Gogo and baby bags


For our Mahala Markets


Dog and Cat Food

For our trips into the valley


Like, Follow or Share

To help spread awareness

Corporate Donations and Sponsorship

We are an accredited public benefit organisation and the  Foundation’s NPO number is 060-697-NPO.

Our focus is on helping more than 90% of black South African widows, grannies, orphans and babies.

The Robin Hood Foundation is wholly dependant on donor funding and donations are tax deductible, with a tax certificate issued for inclusion in tax returns.

BBBEE Scorecard

Donations can qualify organizations to score BBBEE points. The full value of the contributions made is recognizable if at least 75% of the value directly benefits previously disadvantaged South Africans.


The Robin Hood Foundation is wholly dependant on donor funding and donations are tax deductible, with a tax certificate issued for inclusion in tax returns.


Corporate Social Investment is one of the simplest routes for companies to “give back” to society and to build a strong image as a caring corporate citizen.Sponsorship offers corporates a range of benefits, including brand visibility, positive reputation, targeted marketing, networking opportunities, employee engagement, and the ability to make a lasting social impact. It is a strategic investment that can deliver both tangible and intangible returns while supporting causes that resonate with the corporate’s values and objectives.

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