World Hunger Day Outreach to Sibonginhlanhla Primary School 29 May 2017

World Hunger Day Outreach to Sibonginhlanhla Primary School 29 May 2017

Sunday, 28.5.17, was World Hunger Day and to help raise awareness and support the global movement, we partnered with Futurelife Foundation who fed nearly 20 000 children today and visited Sibonginhlanhla Primary – as highlighted to us by community heart Debbie Becker.

With nearly 1 000 learners and almost HALF of these learners surviving on ONLY one meal a day, we couldn’t wait to visit and bless them with FutureLife‘s dual pouch sachet – providing them with a healthy breakfast – as well as give them some much needed fruit, stationery packs and little treats for each child.

Our volunteer team were completely blown away by these children – they face such unfathomable hardships in their lives. Could you imagine a child one meal a day that was provided at school? A child that had lunch on Friday at school and didn’t eat again until Monday when they got back to school? Despite their circumstance, these children were so loving, so happy and so incredibly well mannered! Have you ever heard the sound of 1000 thank you’s? We were overwhelmed!

Thank you to the amazing staff and Principal Lindeni at the school for all your assistance in helping us put this project together, Julika Falconer from FutureLife for inviting us to be part of this movement, Debbie Becker for the amazing job you are doing helping to constantly raise awareness and take food to the children at this school and, lastly, to our gentle-hearted team for your time and love put into this morning for the children!

There was nothing more fitting than the children singing upon our arrival, ‘What a wonderful day, oh yes, it’s a wonderful day!’

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