Project Description

The aim of our HOPE projects we’ve been running for the past 6 years is to inspire HOPE in the lives of the young orphaned and vulnerable children, aged 5 to 15, who have suffered devastating loss in their young lives, most of them having lost parents and now being cared for by an older sibling, aunt, neighbour or their aging Gogo’s, take them out of their dire circumstances for a while, let them play, feel the love from our volunteers and just be children.

Our goal is to treat each child to a wonderful few hours of play, interaction and a meal and then be sent home with a Gogo bag filled with non-perishable foods, blanket and towel as well as most importantly, brand new school uniforms – top to toe – stationery, lunch boxes, juices bottles etc; everything they’d need to start off their new term.

For these children, almost every day is a struggle so imagine their joy in receiving a brand new school uniform and stationery to start off their new term at school.  At each project we’ve hosted in the past, we’ve seen ourselves what these uniforms mean to the children as once they receive them, all play halts, they do not want to put them down.  For them, a reason to go to school, proudly dressed in their new attire and fully equipped with what they need for a success term at school.