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Buy-a-Brick 2019 Thandolabantwana Creche

As much as we have committed to our various community projects including completing Phase II at Lalelani Primary, which will be finished by mid April, as well as hosting another Entrepreneurs 4 Africa conference this year, once again our focus is turned onto Early Childhood Development as this is the most important area to get the foundations right for small children to be able to learn and grow to their full potential. We believe that education is the main key to eradicating poverty.

Again and again highlighted to us that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important! They are the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, in the family and community, and in life in general.

We recently paid a visit to Thando Labantwana meaning “Love for Children” as highlighted to us by our community liaisons at The Christian Social Services.

When we first visited the crèche, we got that ‘feeling’ we got when we first visited Umnathi Creche, Zwelibomvu and Siyanda Creche, Ntshongweni -our two prior ECD builds that are thriving since their opening in 2013 and 2017 respectively – the feeling of ‘We can MAKE A DIFFERENCE here’!

Even thought we were saddened at the state of the crèche, the building is incomplete albeit many years after original build needing ceilings, electricity, plumbing etc and there is a complete lack of sanitation and educational equipment, and yet, with little or no resources, Gogo Shange and the young teachers have not once inch of dirt anywhere to be seen in the building and are really trying their best to teach these children the basics of what is required for an education foundation. They’ve registered as an NPO, got all their necessary ECD documents in place but this has not guaranteed or granted them any assistance.


Gogo Sibongile Shange established Thando Lwabantwana crèche in 2007. She initially started using her home as a day care centre whereby her neighbours requested her to look after their children while they were at work. At first there were only 3 children whose parent was working in the neighbourhood factory (Rainbow). As the need for a day care centre arose Mrs Shange thought about the idea to start an Early Childhood Development Centre hence there was not even a single one in the area.

Thando Labantwana hosts approximately 33 children everyday ranging from newborn to 4 years old. The children are given breakfast and lunch and sometimes come with snacks in the afternoon.


The existing structure is a small, old RDP house consists of 4 small rooms and whilst a good structural build, is in dire need of uplift to complete and make safe; ceilings, electrical, plumbing to be addressed as well kitchenette facilities for meals for the children to be prepared and proper ablution facilities. Currently the smaller of the rooms has 3 potties, and this is being used for storage and ‘toilets’ for the children.

The main ‘classroom’ below needs to be scraped, replastered, damp sealed and painted and celings need to be installed throughout the building.

The 3rd room where the babies nap has a double bed, not a safe option for babies that are starting to get mobile, and also used as a further storage area.

The yard on the level of the building is not fenced which poses as a security risk for the children to play outside but there is no outdoor equipment to help with development of gross motor skills. Limited by ‘redtape’ and lack of resources, Gogo Shange has been trying to get help to develop this little crèche and grow their facilities, as they have more children in the community who desperately need to be schooled, but she is very aware of the limited size of her facilities.

Despite the poor conditions, Gogo Shange and her teachers love for their little learners was just audible when we visited and the little ones were so warm and receptive to us!


To help uplift Thando Labantawa and create a safe haven for the children that attend the crèche to grow, thrive and learn, developing not only their minds but their gross motor skills to and encouraging outdoor play as part of their daily routine.

We are appealing for your help!

We are looking to raise over R300 000 to refurbish this old RDP aswell as:

  1. Install proper ablution facilities for the children including toilets and hand washing basin to encourage early stage learning of personal hygiene.
  2. Add on an overhang / verandah so the children can comfortably have a place to sit at a little table and eat their breakfast and lunch on sunny days providing much needed shade and on rainy days providing shelter.
  3. Extend existing building to include a kitchenette where all meals will be prepared for the children.
  4. Extend existing building to include a storeroom for safe storage of much needed equipment and educational materials.

By giving the children in this community a good educational start in life, we believe this will go a long way to help them make a meaningful contribution to society in the future as they are being prepared by Gogo Shange and her teachers for transition to Myeza Primary School leading up to their Grade R year.


Immediate needs:

  • Funding to help us reach goal of R300 000 for upliftment and extension build
  • Ceilings for inside completion & roofing materials / awning for proposed verandah
  • Cement to cast slab for proposed verandah and foundation for proposed extension build
  • Materials for plaster / paint for interior and exterior of building
  • San-ware / Plumbing for ablution facilities and septic tank
  • Shelving for proposed new storage room
  • Kitchen cupboards, sink for proposed new kitchenette, stove, fridge, kettle, micro
  • 6 x Camp cots for babies to sleep (secured thank you Rodel!)
  • Changing table / compactum for babies  Fencing for perimeter of building and proposed playground

Secondary needs:

  • 10 x little plastic tables (secured thank you Rodel!)
  • 40 x little plastic chairs (secured thank you Rodel!)
  • 40 x plastic cups / bowls / spoons
  • Chalkboard for main classroom
  • Educational materials:
    • Paper
    • Learning charts
    • Reading books
    • Playdough
    • Chalk o Crayons / scissors / pritt
    • Soft toys, games, puzzles – age related
  • Jungle gym / outdoor play equipment for proposed playground


We are looking to dedicate the next 3 months to raising funds and awareness on this build and hoping to be able to start the uplift on 1st July in the dry season and July school holidays with a view to complete within 3 months from site establishment.

We would be so grateful if you would like to get involved in our ‘Buy-a-Brick’ for only R10 to help contribute towards this build, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Please our attached NPO, PBO, BBBEE certification and note that all financial and stock donations will be gratefully met and receipt with an official Section 18A.

Thank you for your consideration in helping us to make a difference in the lives of the children in this community!

Banking Details:

Bank Nedbank Limited

Account Name The Robin Hood Foundation

Branch Code 164826

Account Number 1648160948