Love to Read visits April / May 2017

Love to Read visits April / May 2017

Throughout the April and May, we have visited over 20 creches with our Love to Read campaign, partnering with local NGO’s to help to make a difference to these little creches in the communities they serve.

This campaign has been incredible to see the growth from what started as an idea to take 2nd handbooks into a handful of creches, turning into so much more: creating job employment for a young deaf gentleman who turned old pallets into the most incredible bookcases and using wood meant for landfill; children donating their favourite toys and storybooks; corporates and individuals from far and wide getting involved and showing their support!

Each and every visit left our volunteers and team with a tear in our eyes and very, very full hearts!

At each visit, the complete EXCITEMENT of the children as we unpacked all the books and puzzles and stocked up their new bookshelves was absolutely incredible to witness! Unsurprising though as nearly every single one of these creches had no books, no puzzles and just a few raggy toys for the children.

A very grateful thank you to Dezzo Roofing all the time, assistance, tools donated with the making of the bookcases, RungaTrans and their amazing driver Siyanda, who donated their truck to us to help cart all the items to the creches; our beautiful team of volunteers who give so freely of their love and time to these children and each and every person and company for the support and donation of books, toys, puzzles, artwork, posters, carpets and bookcases! What an impact has been made for these little learners!

A completely beautiful reminder of how blessed so many of us are – even through our own struggles and ups and downs in life, we have so much to be grateful for! And what a blessing we can be to others, even the smallest kindness makes the world of difference to others.

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