Hope is Contagious – Drive 2

Hope is Contagious – Drive 2

With just 24 hours to go before our country goes into lock down, our shops are overrun with people trying to stock up on essentials (and some non-essentials) for the next 21 days – uncertainty is reality at this point.

It’s precisely at this point that our hearts are aching for the Gogos and children in the community that won’t have the luxury of a stockpile.

In the 15 years we’ve been serving our community, we continue to partner with organisations that ope…rate at the same extremely high levels of transparency that we do. Khulisani is an organisation we trust implicitly, we worked with Ali as our community partners in the rural midlands with our Buy-a-Brick refurb on Corrie Lynn Primary last year as well as with the Back to School campaign we took there this earlier year, they approached us earlier today to help them as they mobilise supplies of milk and maas into the rural midlands communities, right into the hands of those that need it most.

Khulisani has about 140 disabled learners they train and support on rotation and 5 permanent and disabled staff at Farm2You. On an ongoing basis, through the year Khulisani supports a number of schools and the poorest of the poor in their neighbouring rural communities, truly an organisation with a passion for the people they serve! At this point of lockdown, the staff have been sent home for their safety but the Dairy still needs to run and now without an outlet as all restaurants and schools are closed so they want to get the milk and maas out to the people that need it!

Over the next 3 weeks, we have pledged to help them provide milk and maas for OVER 1000 FAMILIES PER WEEK in the rural communities around PMB, Edendale, Howick, Mopopmeni to name a few through the feeding schemes, Old Age Homes and children’s homes they’ve highlighted and we’d love your help!

If you’re feeling a little helpless during this lockdown period and frustrated that you want to help but can’t, we’d absolutely love your support!

R30 will help supply 5 litres of milk and maas to these elderly and children that need it!
Scan our Zapper code on pics or pledge via EFT:

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