Bless-A-Granny 2019 visits Thembela Home


Volunteer Trustee Pat Horrmann and her sister Sandy have, for so many years, taken Thembela Home under their wing, forged such a beautifully connective bond with the residents there and delight in the Bless A Granny & Grandpa visit they arrange and host for them each and every year. This morning again they shared a

Bless-A-Granny 2019 visits Thembela Home2019-12-20T08:54:17+02:00

Bless-a-Granny visit to Kings Hall


A delightful visit with the elderly folk at TAFTA Kings Hall this morning with a fabulous team of volunteers armed with cakes and tea time snacks and all the absolutely stunning gifts donated by our generous public. Thank you!! What a vibrant and beautiful morning filled with laughter and love as the elderly were treated

Bless-a-Granny visit to Kings Hall2019-12-20T08:52:47+02:00

Bless-a-Granny visit to John Dunn House


#BlessAGranny2019 visits TAFTA John Dunn house for one of the most electric and exciting mornings so far! Our faces are sore from all the laughter and legs from all the dancing as singer Rene Tshiakanyi, Maya Dancer Senta and the CHEP team and volunteers turned the visit into a high energy party!Most moving part of

Bless-a-Granny visit to John Dunn House2019-12-20T08:49:53+02:00

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits TAFTA Park Bellair 21.12.17


With only 5 days til Christmas we are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit as we continue to share love and joy with the elderly in our community, taking them YOUR gifts and blessings <3 What a SPECIAL and fun-filled visit to TAFTA Park Bellair this morning <3 Joined by a beautiful team of community hearts

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits TAFTA Park Bellair 21.12.172018-01-17T11:19:36+02:00

Bless-a-Granny Spring Tea 06 September 2017


George Ellison said, "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it", and how true this rang today when we hosted a Spring Tea at Essenwood home for nearly 100 of their residents. A huge and grateful thanks to our volunteers that joined us, as well as Lauren Ginn and her special little boys,

Bless-a-Granny Spring Tea 06 September 20172017-10-02T13:20:08+02:00

Bless-a-Granny visit to Victory Home 01 February 2017


For the month of February, we are trying to get out and spread love and blessings in our communities and what a way to start with this beautiful visit to Victory Old Age Home in Malvern this morning! This home was highlighted to us by a knitting group in Pinetown. As a private home with

Bless-a-Granny visit to Victory Home 01 February 20172017-06-08T16:22:06+02:00

Bless-a-Granny visits Oct-December 2016


Our most grateful thanks to all who contributed to our 2016 Bless-a-Granny campaign which enabled us to visit and bless over 2000 grannies and grandpas in local Old Age homes in our Community! Just thrilled with their gifts, our community seemed to have gone all out to bless these elderly folk this year as well

Bless-a-Granny visits Oct-December 20162017-06-08T16:25:07+02:00

HOPE project for 50 OVC children 17 December 2016


Each school term holiday we host a HOPE breakfast for orphaned and vulnerable children from our surrounding disadvantaged communities, cases are sent to us by request from the Christian Social Services who work closely in the townships with these vulnerable groups. The aim of this project we've been running for the past 5 years is

HOPE project for 50 OVC children 17 December 20162017-06-08T15:27:48+02:00

Choose Your Shoes 5th November 2016


Visiting Lungisani Indlela in the Amaoti township after MONTHS of planning and INCREDIBLE community support, today we were able to share hope, love and blessings to over 1000 children in Amaoti as each child got to take home a brand new pair of school shoes for their 2017 school year aswell as CHOOSE two pairs

Choose Your Shoes 5th November 20162017-06-08T15:29:24+02:00
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