Month of Love visit 4 – Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visit Bartle House 19.2.18

A post-Valentine’s Day Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visit to Centenary Homes Bartle House earlier today with some special community hearts and nearly 90 elderly folk ❤ What a truly special morning of time and love shared. Our most humble thanks to the special hearts that volunteered their time to chat, serve and bless these old souls today. Especially to those that […]

Pro Appointments sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Zibambaleni 8.11.17

A Corporate teambuild with a difference: making a difference! Joined by the incredible ladies from Pro Appointments: Recruitment Agency, who pledged their support for our ‘Corporate team build with a difference’ appeal and sponsored all the delicious snacks and LIVE entertainment, the atmosphere at Zibambaleni Old Age Home in KwaDabeka was absolutely electric this morning! Big smiles on everyone’s faces […]

Anthony Whatmore sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits John Conradie 21.11.17

Our most grateful thanks to Anthony Whatmore & Associates for sponsoring all the tea time treats and entertainment, AND to each and every person that pledged and donated beautiful gifts for this visit to John Conradie this morning for nearly 300 Grannies and Grandpas! The incredible team of volunteers that joined us were on TOP form – having the tables […]