Highway Mail – 19th August 2020

Thank you to the wonderful team at Highway Mail for this fantastic coverage of our Chicken Stew for the Soul soup kitchen collaboration with Stoker’s Arms Kloof – we are super excited to launch this food aid drive 19 weeks into national lockdown! At this point, we have delivered and overseen nearly 400 tons of food aid, clothing and supplies into our community from North Coast to South Coast and everywhere in between, over 1.3 million meals to date, thanks to the beautiful support of the generous people and


Since the announcement of national lockdown 17 weeks ago, we have been working fervently, ramping up our community footprint by collaborating and partnering with other community organisations and NPO’s to get as much aid and relief as possible directly into the hands of those that need it most – please see our Covid19 relief page for detailed account of community outreach.

Hope is Contagious – Drive 2

With just 24 hours to go before our country goes into lock down, our shops are overrun with people trying to stock up on essentials (and some non-essentials) for the next 21 days - uncertainty is reality at this point. It’s precisely at this point that our hearts are aching for the Gogos and children in the community that won’t have the luxury of a stockpile. In the 15 years we’ve been serving our community, we continue to partner with organisations that ope...rate at the same extremely high levels of transparency that

Hope is Contagious – Drive 1

As we are all preparing for our Nation's Lock down on Thursday night, we wanted to spread a little hope, love and relief into our community to those in Homes for the Edlerly, Childrens Homes and centres in dire need of a little support. Grateful thanks to a fun and wonderful team of helpers, all correctly sanitized, dressed and keeping their social distance as precaution for parcel preparation, we packed distributed nearly 3 TONS of food and supplies out into the community for over 1000 people, partnering for distribution

Back to School visit 6 – Sicambeni Primary School in Port St Johns

Our final #Back2School2020 project of the Term took us a little further afield today as we joined the incredible community hearts from Umngazi Spa and Hotel in rural Isicambeni to visit a primary school that has been declared a disater zone yet driven by a school body that refuses to give up as these little ones have no where else to go The school's structural 'decay' has not stopped the learning under the exceptional guidance of the Principal and the Vice Principal as they do what they can to try and

Community connectors

We love our outreach work and when we don't have a project planned for dates that suit teams wanting to help,we also love being able to be connectors in the community so when Lynn and the volunteer team from Citylights Church - Durban messaged on the 11th February wanting to reach out to the community to our elderly on the 22nd, we connected her to TAFTA Headoffice who we work closely with with our #BlessAGranny campaign each year and the beautiful results are in the pictures... below! Their volunteer team helped to restore the room

Back to School visit 5 – Umthombomuhle, Cliffdale

Absolutely powerful message this morning for the learners at Umthombomuhle Intermediate School as we took our 5th #Back2School2020 visit out into rural Cliffdale as our beautiful volunteer crew gave all the Grade 8 and 9 scholars schoolbags filled with stationery and toiletries joined by community heart and world renowned author, storyteller and poet: Dr Gcina Mhlophe "Be soldiers. Work hard study hard. Make a decision to fight by being better, by achieving..." Our Chairlady ...Cindy Norcott's vision was to make an impact on nearly 1000 youngsters in our communities - not

Westville Rotary at it again!

Our Co-ordinator Kim caught up with some of the wonderful ladies from Westville Rotary this morning as they handed over nearly a ton (about R70 000 worth!!) of groceries from their drive in support of our #BlessAGranny2019 this weekend at Westville Spar and Pick 'n Pay Massive thanks to all the incredible residents of Westville and Westville Rotary Club for your phenomenal support again this year

Back 2 School 2020 campaign launch with LOTUS FM

We are so excited to be teaming up with Lloyd Paul and the Official Drive at Lotus FM for #Back2School2020 campaign appealing to our community to donate stationery for our Back 2 School visit to Golden Gateway on the 24th January and bless the 200 special needs learners with stationery they require for their first term of 2020.  We are hoping to visit Corrie Lynn Primary and a few other local schools with this campaign – email us on info@robinhoodfoundation to get involved

Bless-A-Granny 2019 visits Thembela Home

Volunteer Trustee Pat Horrmann and her sister Sandy have, for so many years, taken Thembela Home under their wing, forged such a beautifully connective bond with the residents there and delight in the Bless A Granny & Grandpa visit they arrange and host for them each and every year. This morning again they shared a beautiful morning of tea time treats, music by the wonderfully talented Rene Tshiakanyi and special guest performance by Hannah Norcott, laughter, gifts and love along with her daughters and granddaughters, friends and volunteers

Bless-a-Granny visit to Kings Hall

A delightful visit with the elderly folk at TAFTA Kings Hall this morning with a fabulous team of volunteers armed with cakes and tea time snacks and all the absolutely stunning gifts donated by our generous public. Thank you!! What a vibrant and beautiful morning filled with laughter and love as the elderly were treated to live performances by two fabulous local artists, Rene Tshiakanyi and Maya Dancer Senta Duffield, as well as neck and shoulder massages by the wonderful team from 9 in Nimmo created smiles from ear

Bless-a-Granny visit to John Dunn House

#BlessAGranny2019 visits TAFTA John Dunn house for one of the most electric and exciting mornings so far! Our faces are sore from all the laughter and legs from all the dancing as singer Rene Tshiakanyi, Maya Dancer Senta and the CHEP team and volunteers turned the visit into a high energy party!Most moving part of the entire morning was at the end where nearly every single one of the residents came to give all the volunteers hugs, with tears of joy in their eyes, "words can not ever explain

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch ️ "We love our 'Hood" A massive thanks to Onomo Hotel Durban and their fabulously hospitable team for hosting our CORE team of Volunteers this afternoon for an Appreciation lunch the most delicious lunch gathering and giggles a team of our volunteer Trustees, Committee and community team that all donate their time, hearts, vehicles and love to us so freely and so generously ALL throughout the year, without whose help we would not be able to serve... our community in over 160 outreaches and events we

Massive Merry Mahala Tea

What a fantastic and inspired morning of networking and connecting with over 250 guests - in support of our Mahala Markets and Bless-a-Granny campaigns to end 2019 with a 'Massive, Merry, Mahala' bang! We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting these Mahala Tea’s again this year – connecting the community through networking and raising awareness and support for our Mahala Market campaigns Grateful thanks to our Chair and Founder Cindy for an inspiring and motivating talk, Don Seagreen, Sam Daykin, Adele Benvie, our headline sponsors CHEP, the phenomenal team at The

Love the Babies visits St Mary’s Hospital, Marianhill

A beautiful way to spend a Monday morning on Love the Babies outreach to St Mary's hosptial with a team of wonderful volunteers, spreading love, cuddles and blessings (a 'baby shower in a bag' lovingly packed by Trustee and Volunteer Pat Hormann) to the new mums and their precious newborns.  Our most humble thanks to the special sponsor that got on board to enable us to purchase beautiful, brand new baby Gros, blankets and toiletries), as well as community heart Bharti Lakhani for the generous donation of beautiful bags

Bless-a-Granny visits TAFTA St Martins

Visiting Tafta St Martin's this morning for a beautiful and connective morning filled with stories, laughter, gifts and chatter over a hot cup of tea and some delicious snacks. We are in full swing with our Bless-a-Granny campaign this year and it's absolutely incredible the love our community's beautiful support is helping to spread to these elderly folk! Thank you!

Bless-a-Granny support from HCA Curro

Our Doug and Kim met up with the wonderful Nikki Burns and some incredible children at Curro HCA to collect nearly 90 gifts for personal wishlists filled by the staff, parents and scholars AT Curro HCA and joined this year by the wonderful staff, parents and scholars at Waterfall Prep too! What beautiful support and blessings for the elderly! Thank you so much! And thank you Nikki who has been driving this support for nearly 11 years of Bless-a-Granny.  We have about 200 wishlists still to fill, please email

Bless-a-Granny meets Mahala Market at Zibabaleni

An incredibly fun and vibrant day yesterday despite the grey skies as Bless A Granny2019 meets Mahala Market2019 thanks to Dezzo Roofing - PTY LTD for their incredible generosity and support to bless the elderly at Zibambaleni Home for the Aged in KwaDabeka. What a very special morning with these old souls who enjoyed some live entertainment by the fantastic Rene Tshiakanyi, delicious snacks and tea time treats AND a free shopping experince before getting their Christmas gifts filled with toiletries, treats and essentials from the Dezzo team! For

Kicking off Bless-a-Granny 2019 with a visit to Flame Lily

What a brilliant way to kick off our #BlessAGranny2019 visits, quite an electric morning with a beautiful team of volunteers, live performance by the wonderful community heart Rene Tshiakanyi and the specialhearts at Flame Lily. Music, dancing, pressies and some post project impromptu piano sing-a-longs with 81 year resident Dave Wellard, an incredible morning spreading community love, light and happiness to these special old souls

Official opening of Thandolabantwana Creche

A day that Gogo Shange and the children of Emalangeni will remember for years to come - officially opening a BRAND new and improved Thandolabantwana Creche! Our most heartfelt and humblest thanks to our Committee, Volunteer crew and each and every single person that discounted / donated their time, services, goodies and funds in support of our #BuyABrick2019... especially including:  AVIS FLEET, BRYN ROBERTS, BUCKMAN LABS, CARST AND WALKER, CAXTON LOCAL MEDIA, CHEP, DEZZO ROOFING, EIRE CONRACTORS, EAST COAST RADIO, EXR Construction, ELANGENI BUILDINGS, GEM SCHOOLWEAR, GLOBAL MANUFACTURING, GROW

Wag-a-Tail campaign visit

Spreading a bit of community puppy-love with our #WagATail2019 campaign delivering love and cuddles and nearly half a ton of dogfood aswell as some other much needed goodies for these beautiful pups, a little blessing towards the near 1 ton of dog food they go through each month at Summerveld Hound Sanctuary ️ Our most grateful thanks to all that supported this drive, what a special place with such happy pups! If you'd like to help feed these pups, all rescues, at Summerveld Hound Resort please email us for

Lalelani Primary PHASE II refurb commences – 1st April 2019

In 2019, thanks to incredibly generous community support, we did over R2 million worth of rennovations and refurbishments to Lalelani Primary with our Buy-a-Brick 2018 campaign Phase I, which included new sports field, play area, uplifting several classrooms, installing agricultural drainage, a new shaded area for children, planting numerous trees, installing a fully function media centre and building new ablution block. Phase II of this project has commenced this week with our Builders back on site to underpin and overhaul the dilapidated old ablution block, which should be complete


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