Who are we?

The Robin Hood Foundation started informally in May 2005 when Durban businesswoman, Cindy Norcott, saw an opportunity to clothe ten poor babies for a year with her daughters’ outgrown baby clothes. After distributing second hand clothes and toiletries to needy mums at St Mary’s Hospital, seeing the emotions and hearing the many horror stories of new mums leaving with their newborn babies wrapped in newspaper, Cindy and her team of volunteers were motivated to intensify efforts and begin the “Love the Babies” project.

Within a few months, the plight of poor grannies looking after orphaned children called for “Gogo Bags”, a testament to the growing need from various poor communities and the willing support from donors, and so in 2007 the NPO, the Robin Hood Foundation, was formed. The trustees of the Robin Hood Foundation are Cindy Norcott, Liesl Kriegisch, Pat Horrmann, who all work on a voluntary basis.

Our Mission

Our organisation exists solely to both rescue and uphold the rights of women, children and the elderly through a passion for connecting those that have with those that need and compassion that ceases to fade.

Meet Our Team

Never doubt that a small group of passionate people committed to a better future can change the world.

Cindy Norcott
Cindy NorcottChairperson/Founder
Kim Griffith Jones
Kim Griffith JonesCo-Ordinator
Pat Horrmann
Pat HorrmannTrustee
Liesl Kriegisch
Liesl KriegischTrustee
Robyn Keulder
Robyn KeulderCommittee Member
Odelle Hadnum
Odelle HadnumCommittee Member
Doug Horrmann
Doug HorrmannDelivery Team
Wilf Norcott
Wilf NorcottDelivery Team



An accredited public benefit organisation, the Robin Hood Foundation’s NPO number is 060-697-NPO, offering companies the chance to make a donation and attract up to 25 points on their BBBEE scorecard. Our focus is on helping more than 90% of black South African widows, grannies, orphans and babies.

Socio-Economic development or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is one of the most simple routes for companies to “give back” to society and to build a strong image as a caring corporate citizen as well as to earn BBBEE points. The Robin Hood Foundation is wholly dependant on donor funding and donations are tax deductible, with a tax certificate issued for inclusion in tax returns.

Donations can qualify organizations to score BBBEE points. The full value of the contributions made is recognizable if at least 75% of the value directly benefits previously disadvantaged South Africans. The beneficiaries of the Robin Hood Foundation are more than 90% previously disadvantaged.

Business enterprises with an annual turnover of between R5 million and R35 million who donate 1% of net profit after tax will receive 25 points towards their BBBEE scorecard. Enterprises with an annual turnover of more than R35 million would need to contribute 1% of net profit after tax to earn 25 points.

If you have any queries regarding how your company can make a donation in order to earn BBBEE points please contact Kim

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