An incredibly beautiful way to spread and share love this Valentines Day – to spend it with nearly 100 new mums and their newborns at King Edward Hospital. Joined by an incredible team of community hearts that volunteered today, the emphasis on our theme ‘VALUE’ for the year was so greatly felt today as each volunteer spent such personal time connecting, talking, interacting and loving these new mums and their newborns. A huge THANK YOU to Trustee & Volunteer Pat Horrmann for a tremendous amount of love and care put into each and every single Love the Babies bag – each mum was gifted with some biscuits and a choccie for Valentines Day and also received a variety of baby clothes – more than 3 outfits per age group from 0-12 months – toiletries, sanitary pads, nappies, beautifully handmade blankets, beanies, booties, bibs – you just cannot imagine the excitement as they looked through their blessing bags! Our most grateful thanks to our community for your support in donating your preloved baby clothes and items, the amazing ladies that volunteered with us today as well as King Edward PRO Nontobeko and staff for being so accommodating, what a truly special LOVE filled morning!