I would like to believe that I have always had a heart for giving and extending kindness to others. I believe that we all have a social responsibility to help others in whatever way we can. However, it wasn’t until a chance encounter that brought me in contact with Kim from Robin Hood a few years ago, whereby my Events Management company got involved with a HOPE breakfast, that my heart opened in ways I never thought possible.

To have had direct access to those precious hearts, and see first-hand the sheer bliss that a new school uniform and a pair of school shoes could give them, that really touched home for me.  I believe in the spirit of UBUNTU that exists in South Africans and our huge capacity for love and genuinely wanting to help others in need.

If you are like I was, and think “what difference can little old me make” then I am here to tell you to start where you are, with what you have right now. It does not need to have a monetary value to make an impact. Social investment comes in many shapes and forms. You can assist with giving of your time to go show love and kindness to the elderly, or time spent packing gogo bags, which is an ongoing outreach project that Robin Hood is invested in. They always need extra manpower to assist.  You can raise awareness by means of a sponsored sporting event (I convinced my unsuspecting husband and friends to do the Amavosha a few years ago to raise awareness for Robin Hood).

I use my voice to network on behalf of Robin Hood via my consultancy business now.  I deal with, and have access to many large stakeholders who need to spend CSI donations for their BBBEE scorecards, I advise them of the difference Robin Hood is making in our community, the ongoing projects and they are involved in, and the meaningful impact they are making around us.  I encourage them to also invest in these projects. Raising awareness for great social causes could be the way you make a difference!

Since getting involved with Robin Hood my heart has opened in ways I never thought possible. I have learnt that more often than not, the LITTLE things ARE the big things, to live in the moment and to count my blessings. These lessons are filtering down to my children and it’s incredible for me to see their hearts change along the way too.

With exposure to Robin Hood, I have had access to some rather inspirational strong woman warriors who inspire me and make me want to strive to do better and be better.

So, if you feel you are being called in any way to assist, give Kim at Robin Hood a shout. They would love to chat with you to see how you can get involved, and “make the circle bigger”

Tracy Klokie

M-Powerment Consulting Services