World Hunger Day Outreach to Sibonginhlanhla Primary School 29 May 2017


Sunday, 28.5.17, was World Hunger Day and to help raise awareness and support the global movement, we partnered with Futurelife Foundation who fed nearly 20 000 children today and visited Sibonginhlanhla Primary - as highlighted to us by community heart Debbie Becker. With nearly 1 000 learners and almost HALF of these learners surviving on

Fun Day at Reunion School for children with Cerebral Palsy 11 May 2017


“Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very, very special love.” - Sarah Palin Special love indeed! We spent the morning celebrating the lives of nearly 240 children at The Reunion School for children with Cerebral Palsy with an incredible FUN fun day, music, dancing, candyfloss, popcorn, ice

International School Meals Day with FutureLife Foundation 09 March 2017


Grateful thanks to The FutureLife Foundation for inviting us to be part of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MEALS day today! As well as providing FutureLife breakfast porridge - in ingenious new packaging where you 'pop' the purified water into the sachet below filled with porridge it and shake to mix then just sip out the bag -