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Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits TAFTA Park Bellair 21.12.17

With only 5 days til Christmas we are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit as we continue to share love and joy with the elderly in our community, taking them YOUR gifts and blessings <3 What a SPECIAL and fun-filled visit to TAFTA Park Bellair this morning <3 Joined by a beautiful team of community hearts and kicking of the morning with some tasty tea time treats and the contagious joy and energy that Rene Tshiakanyi brings with his gift of musical talent - there was not one face in

Corruseal sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visit to Issy Geshen 20.12.17

Some very delighted elderly hearts in Lamontville today as we, joined by some beautiful volunteers from Corruseal, visited Issy Geshen Home for the Aged. Thanks to the AMAZING support from Corruseals and Krupa for pledging ALL the gifts for this home, the quiet and somber start to our visit very quickly turned to laughter and smiles and shrieks of joy as these dear Gogos and Mkulu's were served some delicious snacks with their tea and then opened their presents. Thank you Alison Caron Maclean and the Corruseal team for

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Langlar Towers 19.12.17

The closer to Christmas we get, the more special these Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits become as the Christmas spirit of love and joy replace the everyday routine in the lives of some of our elderly folk. Today we hosted another beautiful morning with the elderly residents - this time at Langlar Towers. Some faces we've not seen since they moved over from the old Ray Hulllets building in the past few years. Thanks to some incredible community hearts, giving of their time again today to share some love and

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits GlenHaven & Peace Cottages 15.12.17

Joined by a small team of special Volunteers, we shared a wonderful morning with visits to some very special little homes this morning! Thank you Kerry Deare for your time and welcoming into both Glenhaven and Peace Cottages visits! Such a warm, homely feel at both visits and such a beautiful morning spent blessing some very special elderly hearts! Our most grateful thanks to Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital, Candice Stevenson and Leoni Botha for the abundant gifts you all so generously gave - the Grannies and Grandpas were ABSOLUTELY

Runga Trans sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits TAFTA Lodge 14.12.17

Beautiful morning filled with music and love and the gift of Christmas at TAFTA Lodge this morning for over 200 elderly hearts! Joined by some beautiful community hearts, Rene Tshiakanyi who performed live for the elderly residents and once again got everyone singing along, as well as an incredible team of volunteers from Runga Trans cc - who also sponsored all the delicious snacks and entertainment for the visit & some of the awesome ladies from Pentravel that donated over 50 gifts for the visits - the hall at

Boxes of Blessings – The Ark Peacevale 12.12.17

What a truly moving and memorable morning at The Ark this morning. A little sharing of love and blessings going a long way in making a difference into the lives of others! After a wonderful tea with some delicious and much appreciated cakes and snacks served by our beautiful volunteers, each of the residents were given a box FILLED with blessings thanks to the generous support of The Rotary Club of Westville and the Westville community. Thank you Ashley Hewitt for helping in arranging this visit - such uplifting

Powafix sponsored Bless-A-Granny & Grandpa visits Kings Hall 8.12.17

What an action-packed and INCREDIBLY fun-filled morning at TAFTA Kings Hall this morning! We always look forward to this visit - feeling alot like Father Christmas as we offload the cars and pass the gifts through the window and then climb through the window 🙂 hysterical way to start a visit! Joined by Rene Tshiakanyi and some of the wonderful dancers from FloorCraft Dance Studio and The Maya Company who also pledged over 50 gifts for this home and a beautiful team of community hearts - the love, laughter

Dezzo Roofing sponsored Bless-A-Granny & Grandpa visits John Dunn House 6.12.17

What an incredibly warm welcome our team of volunteers received at TAFTA John Dunn House this morning <3 From the minute we walked in, the smiles and excitement of the elderly and amazing staff at John Dunn was proof they really HAVE been waiting for our visit all year! This is the 2nd year in a row the beautiful community hearts Dezzo Roofing - PTY LTD have taken this home under their wing! We are SO grateful for all the INCREDIBLE snacks and over 50 gifts Brandon and his

Watercrest Mall’s ‘Angel Tree’ Christmas party at Siyanda Creche 4.12.17

For the past few years Watercrest Mall have hosted their Angel Tree in the foodcourt of the Mall. The tree holds tags with names of some very special hearts that our community then 'pick' off the tree and buy a pressie to spread some Christmas love. Last year, the Angel Tree saw over 150 Grannies and Grandpa's being blessed through our Bless-A-Granny campaign at Hillcrest Res Hospital and this year, nearly 150 children in our community are the recipients of this beautiful campaign! Over 50 of whom were the

Christmas 4 Kids carnival at Golden Gateway School 30.11.17

The last couple of months of the year are filled with beautiful Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits to spread love and cheer to our elderly but we each year, we also have to remember that Christmas is for Kids and again this year want to bless some of the very special children in our community. What started as a once-off back in 2013 has now become an annual event – the highlight of the year for the 200 special needs children at Golden Gateway - something they talk about and

Powafix sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Natal Settlers 28.11.17

Some of the most special hearts at this home! Each year, we are floored by the simple requests of the residents at Natal Settlers: biscuits, sunlight liquid, socks, a pretty notebook , deodorant- such meager wishes for the most humble and grateful old souls! Joined by the incredible Rene Tshiakanyi and our wonderful team of community volunteers as well as some of the team from Introstat that did over 30 gifts for the Home, much love and joy was shared at our visit this morning. To see their faces

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visit to St Martins 24.11.17

Joined by a small team of incredibly loving volunteers, we visited the little village of TAFTA St Martins this morning - much to the delight of the 30-odd residents that have been eagerly awaiting our visit all year. Today, we were there to bless THEM but in turn were completely enthralled and blessed by the shared stories by some of the elderly gents of heritage and history - like time travelling back to an age we don't know much about! A beautiful morning of sharing, chatting, tea, cakes and

Eat Greek sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Bill Buchanan 23.11.17

"True happiness is found in unselfish love, a love which increases in proportion as it is shared" -THOMAS MERTON, What a moving and happy morning with an incredible team of volunteers and some of the AMAZING team from Eat Greek - blessing over 70 beautiful old souls at Bill Buchanan Emerson House! Once again the gentle-hearted Rene Tshiakanyi joined us to share his gift of music with these elderly folk, getting feet tapping and singing along - you could just feel the happiness in the room! An absolutely beautiful

Anthony Whatmore sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits John Conradie 21.11.17

Our most grateful thanks to Anthony Whatmore & Associates for sponsoring all the tea time treats and entertainment, AND to each and every person that pledged and donated beautiful gifts for this visit to John Conradie this morning for nearly 300 Grannies and Grandpas! The incredible team of volunteers that joined us were on TOP form - having the tables all set with the plated snacks, tea ready for service, gifts all lined up so with Rene Tshiakanyi strumming some of his beautiful tunes as the Grannies and Grandpa's

Mahala Market EMBO 16.11.17

After months of planning and the most incredible community support, today we saw Chairlady Cindy Norcott's vision of a 'free market' come to life in EMBO community hall for 200 Gogo's and Mkulu's from the local community. Joined by a great team of volunteers from all over Durban, we set up a marquee outside the hall and the morning started off with the Gogo's and Mkulu's being treated to some LIVE music by Rene Tshiakanyi aswell as some delicious snacks and a hot cup of tea - thanks to

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Victory Park 14.11.17

Another special Bless-a-Granny visit earlier today! This time to a small and very special little home in Malvern - Victory Park. It always delights our hearts at how the mood changes from start to finish at these visits - the pure joy of the elderly is EXACTLY why we host this campaign every year! A morning of chatter, tea, treats and blessings and many tears from some very overwhelmed Grannies when they received their gifts. Each resident, as they reside in flats, was also gifted with their own copy

Fourie Stott sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Tuinsig 10.11.17

In lieu of corporate gifting and in the name of their clients , Fourie Stott generously sponsored our visit to Tunisig this morning for about 150 special old souls! What an incredibly festive morning! Accompanied by a wonderful team of volunteers and local talent Rene Tshiakanyi, the elderly residents were beaming with joy as the sang along to the live music whilst our volunteers served their tea and treats. A very special thank you to Fourier Stott, volunteers and everyone in our community that pledged such beautiful gifts for

Pro Appointments sponsored Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa visits Zibambaleni 8.11.17

A Corporate teambuild with a difference: making a difference! Joined by the incredible ladies from Pro Appointments: Recruitment Agency, who pledged their support for our 'Corporate team build with a difference' appeal and sponsored all the delicious snacks and LIVE entertainment, the atmosphere at Zibambaleni Old Age Home in KwaDabeka was absolutely electric this morning! Big smiles on everyone's faces and much laughter shared as some the elderly residents got up and danced and clapped along to the African tunes of talented duo Qadasi & Maqhinga What a beautiful

Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa Flame Lily visit 3.11.17

What an incredible way to start our Bless-a-Granny & Grandpa 2017 visits and with our 'poster Granny' Jessie (featured on all the marketing for the campaign this year) being a resident at Flame Lily - there was bound to be much excitement! Joined by an incredible team of volunteers from MCS Debt Recovery, we danced, sang, ate cake, chatted and drank tea with nearly 100 special souls this morning and then ALL the beautiful gifts - much to their delight! It was just incredible to feel the mood lift

OFFICIAL Opening of Siyanda Creche 20.10.17

We visited Siyanda crèche in Ntshongweni during our LOVE TO READ campaign and saw it was in desperate need of a structural build as well as safety and educational elements AND proper ablution facilities for the children that attend.  In February we launched our ‘Buy-a-Brick’ campaign and thanks to some phenomenal community support and 7 months later we were just thrilled to be officially opening Siyanda Creche together with our team of volunteers and dedicated sponsors. Our vision was to create a sustainable development which will provide lasting change

Uminathi Christian College Learner Upliftment program 13.10.17

Power and progress in partnerships - educating and uplifting our youth! In 2015, we partnered with Krupa Trust and KEY Group and KEY Foundation and built Uminathi Christian College in the heart of KwaNjobokazi - which officially opened in January 2016. Since then, we have visited the scholars sporadically, and hosted educationals at the school - particularly for the young girls that attend. Krupa Trust has continued to invest in the College - which currently educates 123 learners from Grade 8 to Grade 11 - training of teachers and

Heart of Africa Gogo Bag Visit to Hammersdale 28 September 2017

Partnering with the passionate and soulful Dr. Gcinamasiko Heritage Mhlophe, we spent the most incredible morning in rural Hammarsdale with 200 local Gogos. What a beautifully traditional morning of praise, worship and thanksgiving and a VERY powerful way to end Women's Month! Such an incredible message shared by Gcina and the speakers of love, Ubuntu and kindness! And also, a reminder for us to all take a look around and give thanks to the incredible women in our lives, and bless them however you can! These old Gogos in

5th Annual Celebration of Life at Ethembeni 21 September 2017

Our FAVOURITE time of year! Thursday the 21st of September, we hosted our Annual Celebration of Life for the 300 children that reside on-site at the Ethembeni School for the Disabled. A date on our calendar that we - and the children - anticipate all year! Five years ago, our Chairlady watched their choir perform at a fundraising event for a Kenyan choir. She was absolutely moved to tears at how, despite their varying disabilities, these children got up on stage. Their voices were that of angels and they

Bless-a-Granny Spring Tea 06 September 2017

George Ellison said, "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it", and how true this rang today when we hosted a Spring Tea at Essenwood home for nearly 100 of their residents. A huge and grateful thanks to our volunteers that joined us, as well as Lauren Ginn and her special little boys, and Anna Kelly from Chateaux Gateaux. The elderly ladies were just thrilled with the time, laughter and love shared this afternoon, and as a special gift from Lauren Ginn Accessories, each 'Granny' got a

Uminathi Crèche Revisit 04 September 2017

4 Years ago, we met Zanele and Bahle from Uminathi. Back then, Uminathi Crèche was 16m2 wattle and daub 'room' where Zanele was doing her best to educate the 30-odd children from the community that attended daily. Just over two years ago, in 2015, thanks to some incredible community and corporate support, we officially opened Uminathi crèche - which saw us refurbish the existing building and build on a brand new 64m2 building, housing classrooms, a fantasy play area, a storeroom, ablutions and a kitchen in the heart of