A completely amazing community collaboration as we hosted the 1st of our Mahala Markets for 2019 today partnering with BMW Supertech (funds and items donated at #MahalaTeaHighway went directly into this outreach) and to Embocraft Training Centre Trust for your teams hard work behind the scenes getting all the Gogos and Mkhulus on the register for today, some elderly folk joining us from as far out as Newlands!
Joined by an absolutely phenomenal team of volunteers, we can just never… thank you all enough for all you do, over 230 Gogos and Mkhulus were treated to a dignified shopping experience – for some the first time ever – where they got to choose what they wanted and fill up their bags for Free!
Official event pics to follow soon.
Our most humble thanks to the incredible community we live in for the donations of over 8 tons of preloved clothing, linen, accessories, food items aswell as Regal Meats for donating the meat for them all to take home!
For details of our next Mahala Tea and Market, pls email us on info@robinhoodfoundation.co.za
Should you have any questions or require any further information, please contact me on

info@robinhoodfoundation.co.za or 0766129060.