Probably the best way to spend a Friday – a tea party and dancing with the elderly hearts at John Dunn House! Thank you to Ingrid and your wonderful team from TAFTA and John Dunn for warmly welcoming our volunteer team. Thanks also to sponsors CHEP South Africa who donated mugs and all the delicious snacks for the morning! We LOVE visiting this home. It is usually a quiet start but ALWAYS ends up with us all dancing, and the oldies showing us their moves from ‘back in the day’. So much love and laughter was spread at this home today – thank you CHEP for your generous support of today’s project and to each and everyone that donated towards our #MugsAndMallows2018 campaign – spreading such joy to the special hearts we are reaching. Said Granny Bobby, 94, “I so look forward to days like this! I have survived all my family and don’t get any visitors. It’s days like this, and such special people that just warm my heart.”