Probably THE most love-filled day! “Children with special needs inspire a special kind of love” – Sarah Palin, joined by a small team of special community hearts and some of the beautiful team from Araujo Attorneys, rallied so much incredible support for this campaign and donated ALL the plastic mugs and stationery packs for the children. The Reunion School live-in children were also pleasantly surprised with: BRAND NEW pillows, comforters, sheets, pillowcases, face cloths and toiletries. We went to share some Easter love with the 300 children at Reunion School for Children with Disabilities,  but in return found our own hearts filled up, and overflowing with the abundance of LOVE these children showed us! Thank you Araujo Attorneys – Sarah and Marco Araujo for your absolutely astounding support of this campaign, and for today’s visit and dedication to making a difference in the community! The pictures say it all – their little faces exude the love their hearts hold and their excitement today! Thank you to Ina and your team at KZN Cerebral Palsy Association and Principal Edith and your amazing team at Reunion School for welcoming our volunteers again today.