Our most humble thanks to KZN Slots for choosing to sponsor the entire 2018 school year for these 10 OVC children from Amaoti (who were highlighted to us end 2016 by Lungisani Indlela and KZN Slots have been tracking their progress with us throughout 2017 and again this year!) What a wonderful reunion this afternoon as we took the children to meet up with the KZN Slots team for a fantastic, fun lunch generously sponsored by Silver Spear Spur Steak Ranch at uShaka! Laughter and one-on-one connection was the order of the day – and of course delicious burgers, ice cream, balloons, party boxes and some playtime! A huge thank you to Neill Dudas, Marc, Diana and your team for being such incredibly generous hosts and for making the children feel like VIP guests with all the spoils. With full tums, we set back off to the KZN Slots offices where the team gave each child two HUGE and heavy Gogo bags filled with toiletries, towels, blankets, facecloths, food, porridge as well as new lunch boxes, new stationery and two sets of brand new uniforms as well as new school shoes! All set for the rest of Term 1 and 2 of Grade 2.  What a beautiful reminder today – “nothing you can teach them is more important than the love you can give them” and so special seeing the children share such a special bond – hugs, giggles, playfulness – with the volunteers that has grown along with their interaction over the course of 2017