Some of the most special hearts at this home! Each year, we are floored by the simple requests of the residents at Natal Settlers: biscuits, sunlight liquid, socks, a pretty notebook , deodorant- such meager wishes for the most humble and grateful old souls! Joined by the incredible Rene Tshiakanyi and our wonderful team of community volunteers as well as some of the team from Introstat that did over 30 gifts for the Home, much love and joy was shared at our visit this morning. To see their faces light up with pure joy as they were given their gifts was just beautiful to see! Our most grateful thanks to Powafix for sponsoring all the delicious snacks and entertainment for this visit and to EVERYONE who donated the most amazing and FULL gifts for this visit! What a blessing for these elderly hearts ESPECIALLY at this time of year when so many of them are feeling forgotten and their hearts are a bit sad <3