Chilli Source Design Cares visit to Moths Umbilo 09 June 2017

It is said, “blessed is the hand that gives” and no words ring truer after our visit to Moths Umbilo on Friday, 9th June. Joined by the incredible team at Chilli Source Design and Shona from RMS Staffing Solutions – who put so much love into the packing of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for these elderly folk – each one with a handwritten note, we laughed, danced, sang, – thanks to Rene Tshiakanyi joining us to provide the music and entertainment – served teas and coffee and some incredibly delicious snacks – generously sponsored by community heart Tracy-Ann Klokie and we all left there feeling completely blessed and privileged to have been able to spend the afternoon with these amazing old souls who have the most wonderful hearts filled with love and a beautiful zest for life.