What an incredible afternoon with some amazing young community hearts as the Grade 4’s from Highbury Preparatory School joined us in EMBO to bless and serve the Gogos and Mkulu’s! Each Thursday, Carol Shroeder, from Twinkle Star, hosts up to 100 Gogo’s and Mkulu’s and serves them a delicious and nutritious home cooked stew and samp and beans each week and every so often we pop in with blessings for these elderly folk! Today was a special treat for them as this beautiful group of youngsters filled these Gogo’s and Mkulu’s hearts up with love – not only by serving them juice, biscuits, treats, Easter eggs and treats and handing out the blessings of food and bags of clothes to take home – but their love, passion and sheer joy in interacting with these elderly folk was so apparent! The hall was filled with song, laughter and dancing! Grateful thanks to the Staff and Parents at Highbury for bringing these outstanding young ‘men’ to join us and share in the blessing that is blessing others!