“Lucky Feet” Easter project at Sethani 03 April 2017

Today we spent the first day of holidays, a fun-filled morning on this beautiful sunny summer day to start the school’s Easters holidays. Our Chairlady, Cindy Norcott, thought up this project – “Lucky Feet” – as a fun way to bless these little learners from the KwaNgcolosi community with some of the school shoes we had left over from our Choose Your Shoes campaign end of last year AND donated by the AAAS team.

Why “Lucky Feet”? These school shoes were in SPECIFIC sizes ranging from tiny size 7 to adult size 10 and, with Sethani’s help, nearly 200 ‘lucky’ children whose feet matched the sizing were invited to share the morning with our volunteers! Starting the morning with a fast-paced Easter Egg hunt – thanks to the incredible scholars at Crawford College that donated over 1 000 Easter Eggs – and followed by music, ice-lollies, hotdogs, party packets were all enjoyed by these beautiful little hearts and THEN, they got their very own pair of brand new school shoes for the start of their 2nd term at school. Our most humble thanks to Boni and Debbie from Sethani for organizing all the children; the amazing team of volunteers that joined us for their help and interaction with these little ones; Regal Meats for donating all the hotdogs, Ant’s Auto for helping with transporting all the shoes, Aveng Grinaker LTA for peaks and Frisbees for all the children – WHAT a wonderful day and one these children will remember for a while to come.