KZN Slots sponsored HOPE Project 03 February 2017

Thanks to the incredible generosity of KZN Slots, today we host a HOPE project for 10 orphaned and vulnerable children from Amaoti as highlighted by Lungisani Indlela. KZN Slots have committed to these 10 OVC children for the entire YEAR of 2017 – their Grade 1 year. After an afternoon of volunteer interaction with their team, each child was sent home with absolutely everything they need for their next 6 months of schooling – Stationery, Uniforms, school shoes, lunch box and juice bottle, as well as toiletries, blankets, towels, a huge bag FILLED with non-perishable foods, cleaning products and other luxuries and treats to bless them and the families whose care they are in.

The aim of this HOPE project we’ve been running for the past 5 years is to instill hope in the lives of the young children, who have suffered devastating loss in their young lives, most of them having lost parents and now being cared for by an older sibling, aunt, neighbour or their aging Gogo’s, take them out of their dire circumstances for a while, let them play, feel the love from our volunteers and just be children.

What an incredible blessing for these little ones! It was absolutely beautiful to see how these children went from so quiet and reserved to so happy and filled with joy after a few hours with the KZN Slots volunteers! Thank you KZN Slots for helping to make such a difference in their lives!