International School Meals Day with FutureLife Foundation 09 March 2017

Grateful thanks to The FutureLife Foundation for inviting us to be part of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MEALS day today! As well as providing FutureLife breakfast porridge – in ingenious new packaging where you ‘pop’ the purified water into the sachet below filled with porridge it and shake to mix then just sip out the bag – to the 700 children at Lalelani Primary in Ntshongweni; thanks to incredible sponsors from Joekels Tea, Floyds Foods and FoodLovers Market Hillcrest, we were also able to bless each child with care packages to take home filled with fruit, soup, tea AND a party packet as well as a brand new blanket for each child! Set deep in the heart of rural Ntshongweni, we had the most amazing morning with this beautiful group of children! Thank you to Christian Social Services and Lalelani School Principal, Mr. Mathe, for facilitating our visit and enabling us to bless these children today as well as our incredible team of volunteers and Runga Trans for donating the use of your 8-tonne truck to help us cart all the goodies to the school!